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Oregon: 4 Places To Visit In 4 Days



Crater Lake is located in south-central Oregon and is considered one of the most stunning lakes throughout the world; along with being the deepest in the entire United States. It was formed roughly 150 years ago by the eruption of the volcano Mount Mazama. The crystal clear blue water reflects the mountains that rise high above it. If you are looking for that epic view, you are able to see the lake from all directions by driving around its rim. Also, make sure to take one of the amazing hikes that leaves you perched atop of a mountainside looking down at the lake. 




Make sure to take a stroll through Washington Park. There are plenty of trails for you to go on a quiet hike through, and it’s beautifully located in the middle of a huge city! There are plenty of places to go and see for people of all ages. There’s the Oregon Zoo, an International Rose Garden, a Japanese Garden and even a Children’s Museum for the little ones.


Pittock Mansion is located high on top of the Pittock Drive Hill and was built in 1909 for Publisher Henry Pittock and his wife. You can choose to take a tour through the beautifully furnished historic house or just walk outside around the quarters. There are some fantastic views of the city from here.



Voodoo Doughnuts is a MUST try for any food lover. Although they have several locations now, the original location stands in Portland. If you are having a middle of the night sugar fix, the 3rd Avenue location is conveniently open 24 hours. Not only are these most eclectic and originally crafted donuts out there, they are also amazingly delicious! Don’t forget to bring cash with you as this gem is CASH ONLY.




Cannon Beach is a wildly popular beach location in Astoria, Oregon. You may have seen this location in a little film called The Goonies in 1985. It has beautiful rocks, which protrude high out of the ocean. This makes this beach extremely unique and a must-see for anyone passing through!


The Oregon Film Museum is inside of the former Clatstop County Jail. This location may also look familiar to you as it was featured in one of the opening scenes from the Goonies.  It’s small but has a bunch of memorabilia from the iconic film. If you are a die-hard Goonies fan, you must stop by for a visit!


The Bridgewater Bistro is one of the best places for epic views and delicious food in Astoria. You are literally right underneath the Astoria Bridge overlooking the Columbia River. Since they are located on the water, this means this place has some tasty seafood. My favorite choices would be any meal that has Salmon included in the ingredients. Make sure to make a reservation in advance and don’t forget to ask to sit near the window!


Lavender Valley is located in Mt Hood, Oregon. It’s a beautiful lavender farm with iconic views of Mt Hood. You are able to walk through the farm and smell the lavender around you. If you look out at a distance on a clear day, you will have the ultimate view of Mt Hood. If you are someone who loves a great photo op this is definitely the place to go. If you can brave the bees make your way through the fields for the exclusive  shot that your social media followers would fawn over.





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