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Beautiful Bellingham


Where To Eat, Sleep & Explore

Bellingham Washington is located right by the Canadian border. It’s known for its stunning landscape, which ranges from farmland to mountains. Its most famous mountain is Mount Baker, which is part of the Cascade Range. It rises over 10,000 feet high. With endless outdoor activates to do I had to choose wisely on what to explore with the limited amount of time that I had. What I also noticed is how diverse Washington State is. It’s quite amazing how much there is to do.

Where to Explore!

Mount Baker Highway:

Mount Baker Highway also known, as Highway 542 is one of the most beautiful scenic drives in all of Bellingham. As you start to reach Mount Baker Snoqualmie Forest, you will start driving up the mountain. With each turn you take, the mountains look at more and more stunning.  Make sure you take the time to pull over at each pull over stop to take a photo. It’s almost mind blowing how beautiful this place is. You will make two important stops on this route, and that’s at Picture Lake and the Artist Ridge Trail.


Picture Lake:

Picture Lake is a small lake, which has clear water. This allows for the most perfect reflection of Mount Shuksan. You can really capture the beauty of the lake visually. It makes for some epic photos! Make sure to take a walk around the entire lake. Each angle offers another amazing view.

Artist Ridge Trail:

Artist Ridge Trail is the final and last stop on this route. Which means you have reached the highest point possible by driving. There are a bunch of trails, which you can take from here.  You will be standing in front of Mount Baker. You will get to see how massive this mountain is. You can also see how technical it would be to climb.


Barbie’s Berries:

Barbie’s Berries is a MUST go to location if you love berries!  You can either pick your own berries or purchase some the already pre picked ones. Choose from delicious Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. They were so fresh that their color almost stains your hands. It was literally some of the best berries I have ever tasted.

Cloud Mountain Farm Center:

Cloud Mountain Farm Center is a not for profit educational farm which dedicates its time to educating the local farming community. In addition, to this they also sell grow and sell different types of plants and flowers.  They probably have anything you will ever need or dream of. They have everything from fruit plants to vines. Everyone is extremely knowledge and friendly who works there. It also has some beautiful views. The reason I even stopped here to begin with was because it was so eye catching.

Fairhaven Historical District:

The Fairhaven Historical District is one of the oldest areas in Bellingham. You can see how they have restored their older buildings. The architecture is absolutely flawless. You can walk down the street and see all the mom and pop shops, which are adorable! The area is very quaint and almost takes you back in time.

Ferry to Alaska:

The only ferry to and from Alaska from the lower 48 states is in Bellingham. The ferry arrives once a week, and it takes a whopping 38 hours to get to Alaska. The town when you arrive in Alaska is Ketchikan.  People even set up tents on the ferry and camp out! It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind adventure. If you have never been to Alaska, this may be a double adventure for you, then!

Where To Eat!

This part will be a bit unique. As I attended from first dinner on a farm! It was elegant and classy with a bit a PNW feel.  One of the best restaurants in the area Hundred North came together with one of the brewers Atwood Ales and out came this amazing 10-course dinner with drinks!  Yes you heard me correctly 10-course dinner! It was paired with five different beers, and two courses were served at a time. The menu consisted of Oyster, Salad, Tomato Toast, Egg, Lam Dolma,Dol ma, Buckwheat Crepe, Smoked Potato, Rabbit Terrine, Grilled Cheese and a Cream Puff.

Each beer was carefully paired, and taste tested with each course before hand. Chef Todd Alan Martin cooked the courses outside on an open flame, and each of them was served as finger food. The creativity that went into this event along with the meals and beer alongside the decorations was phenomenal. I was blown away from the minute I stepped onto the farm.

To make the event even cooler there was a bus which shuttled people to the event from downtown. This was to eliminate any potential  incidents of guests drinking and driving. Every  little detail was planned out I wish I could go to an event like this every weekend! 

I will have to say to try dining at Hundred North and try any beers from Atwood Ales. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Where to Sleep!

The Silver Reef Hotel Casino is part of the Lummi Nation. The Lummi is a self-Governing Nation within the U.S. It’s also the third largest tribe within Washington State. The hotel has two wings which are clean, modern, and spacious. This was the perfect central location for any adventure in Bellingham. If you take a walk around the different floors you will also discover some of the history of the Lummi Nation. It also has a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning with your stay. The hotel is also a bit separated form the casino area which is great! This means you aren’t forced to walk through the casino floor in order to get to your room. 




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