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Nevada- Las Vegas and Beyond


Nevada is one of the most traveled to states in the United States and that is due their city of Las Vegas. I have been to Las Vegas several times for both social and work. It’s a city that never sleeps and is very similar to New York in that aspect. However, this trip I wanted to experience parts of Nevada which I have never seen before.

Circus Du Soleil- O

I have always wanted to see Circus De Soleil ever since it came out years ago. They have had tours that have come around to NYC before but I knew if I were to see it, that it would have to be in Las Vegas. So I splurged and got front row tickets for this. In hindsight this seemed like a great idea. However, sitting in the first row of a show which has water means you will get wet and not just a little bit alot! The show blew me away it was so well done! So many people who are talent that are part of this. It was phenomenal and like nothing else you will ever see. I am 110 % glad that I came to see this. Kids and adults it’s a must see for all ages!!

Heart Attack Grill

This is one of the most fun and most fattening places you can eat in Las Vegas. If you weigh 350 pounds of more you are able to eat for free. Not sure if you weigh more then that? No problem! They have a large scale outside which you can weigh yourself on. Once you enter this restaurants they will place you in a hospital gown which you have to wear in order to eat. You will see that their burgers are mostly the same except for the size on them. Don’t be cocky and order something much larger than you can actually eat. Do you know what happens if you don’t finish your meal here? Well the nursing staff will spank you with paddles in from of everyone! Yes, this is actually what happens and somehow it’s legal! If you choose to drink alcohol here everything comes inside of medicine bottles or even an IV! If you are looking for that one of a kind experience then Heart Attack Grill is where it’s at!

Lake Mead

If you are heading to the Hoover Dam you will pass by Lake Mead. It is STUNNING. It’s the largest reservoir in the United States. Its stunning blue water surrounded by mountains is jaw dropping. You are able to pull over into a full off spots to capture that capture photos.

Hoover Dam

Coming to the Hoover Dam was almost like living out your history books that you read as a child. This was a very large sightseeing place for tourists in Nevada. You were able to walk around the Dam and take photos from different angles and sides. It boarders Nevada and Arizona and you can walk between states and even see the time zone difference on the clocks which they have there as well. 

Area 51

Despite all good judgement I decided to to take the ride to this location. I knew when I would get there that there would be signs and security cameras telling you that you can’t trespass. Basically it would be a long ride to fence which you can’t pass. After driving a very long dirt road for a long time I was finally there. I was the entrance of Area 51. With not much to see and being watched from all angles I snapped a photo and turned around and headed back. With several cars passing me on the ride there and back I kept wondering who they were. It was definitely an experience but not much to see!

Alien Research Center

If you look up Area 51 on the internet this is the place that will come up. Not really knowing what to expect I took the drive to the Alien Research Center. I was expecting some fact about some alien sightings. However, this was not what this place was. It was just a store which sold Alien items for the everyday tourist like me. Most people who stopped here asking the woman working behind the counter for the directions to Area 51 since you won’t find on any website where to go. So if you want to find out some inside stories about Area 51 then you must stop here!

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is a rock climbing mecca and a hikers dream. As soon as you leave Las Vegas and head less than 30 minutes towards Red Rocks you will start to see the landscape start changing drastically. As we got closer to it and we pulled inside of the area my mouth dropped with awe. It was so beautiful and who would have known that this was this close Las Vegas. After getting into rock climbing this past year I became pretty familiar with all the world class climbing area and that included Red Rocks. So you can imagine who stoked I was when I was finally here and I going to climb. Something that no one tells you in advance was just how long some of these approaches are and especially in the summers heat. It took us a while to get to the crag before even being ready to climb. We decided to climb the Great Red Book. It was a classic Red Rocks climb which has lay backing, slab, face, etc. It was only 2 pitches but they were long pitches. Being on that wall and being able to stop take a breath and look at the landscape around me was surreal. It was also extremely windy while I was climbing which may have blown much of my chalk out of my bag, but also made the climb very relaxing since it wasn’t so gruelingly hot. Once we were able to send we have to down climb and then hike back out. The down climbing was a bit scary to me since I have not been doing this for years. During the climb down I actually split my pants all the way and had to finish the hike out with a massive hole and my underwear exposed. It was definitely an adventure! In a place that is packed with climbers I also felt like when we were climbing we were the only ones there.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is one of those random places you should definitely go to. It’s basically a graveyard of old Las Vegas signs. It’s pretty cool to see them over the years and how they have changed so much. We went during the daytime but at night some of the light up as well. I would defiantly add this to your list of must see places!




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