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A Trip Through History In Texas


Texas is one of the largest states in the entire United States. It’s cities range from small town southern values to a more modern day arts and music vibe such as Austin. There is also alot of history in this state which I was able to just touch the surface of.


Dallas is a large city with a ton of stuff to do! There is also alot of history just in this city alone. Did you know that JFK was shot here? There is a museum and memorial honoring him in Dallas.

JFK Memorial

The JFK memorial is a staple in Dallas. It is located in the center of downtown and you really can’t come here without coming to see it. It has tall walls built around a plot which states JFK’s full name. It’s a tragedy what happened to him but you can see that the city still honors him to this day

6th Floor Museum

The 6th Floor Museum in Dallas is where JFK they believe was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. The overlooks Dealey Plaza which is where JFK was fatally shot. You are able to literally look out the windows and see the boxes of books (yes books) which would have been there at the time of his murder. With am abundance of facts and memorabilia this is a must must see!

Dick’s Last Resort

For a fun night out and for a little something different, head to Dick’s Last Resort. This is one of the only restaurants in the country where people actually get paid to act like a dick to you. They even make you wear these funny looking conehead hats that have hilarious sayings on them. If you want good food and a good time out then stop by Dicks!

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

This restaurant is one of the best steak houses in Dallas. This place blew be away I mean the steak salad is literally one of the best I have ever had in my life. The dressing had something different about it and in a good way! The apple crumble dessert was out of this world. I am still thinking about it since it was that good! For an amazing lunch or dinner head here! 


Austin is an amazing city which I have been to before for work. I did not spend anytime here this time around since I wanted to see some different areas of Texas which I have not been to before. But no blog bout Texas would be complete without mentioning Austin. What I did do was travel through Austin on my way to San Antonio. I was really excited to  have some delicious Franklin’s BBQ and when I pulled up to it (3 hours away from Dallas) they were closed on Monday’s ! Such a major bummer!

The Smoke Shack

This is a local staple bbq restaurant in San Antonio. It was absolutely delicious! BBQ down south is a bit more affordable as well especially over the North East. It literally melts in your mouth it was so good. And the best part of this place? It’s open on Monday’s!

The River Walk

San Antonio has a famous beautiful walk called the River Walk. You can go down a set of stairs in the center of downtown and walk along the river. With the lush greenery and calming water flowing you forget that you are in Texas. It’s quiet lovely and I would highly recommend this!

The Alamo

When people mention San Antonio once thing comes to mind and that is the Alamo. In 1835, during the Texas war for independence (from Mexico) a group of soldiers occupied the Alamo. There was a siege that took place between the Texans and Mexicans. The Texans were wildly outnumbered but didn’t give up their fight for a whipping 13 days before the Mexican’s eventually took over. When you come here you can feel the history you can see the history. You are able to stand where so many heroes fought for freedom. It’s an amazing piece of United States history.





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