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Colorado Will Captivate You!


Colorado is the land of 14 foot mountains, skiing, and endless adventures. That’s what has attracted so many people to move here over the last few years. It was a place for people to move who wanted to live a more outdoor lifestyle away from the masses and everyday hustle and bustle. However, Denver and many other cities in Colorado has become much crowded than it has been in previous times. It’s still wonderfully beautiful with an endless amount of activities to do. However, it’s not so remote or serene as it once was. still an amazing place to visit and live!

El Dorado Canyon

El Dorado Canyon is one of the premiere climbing areas for nay rock climber. Those who live in Colorado and climb use this place as there go to practice hub. When you arrive you will see how many really good really talented climbers live here or are visiting here. It’s mind blowing to watch and also pretty exciting. When I was here I climbed Wind Towers which has several mediocre routes. We arrived early and by the time we were one pitch into the climb it was packed! Several groups climbing behind me on the same route. It definitely made me climb much faster than I usually would since I didn’t want to hold anyone up. The route was great it consisted of a little bit of everything from crack to slab to lay backing.

Estates Park Camping

I have camped through most of my trip so I figured why not add Colorado to the list! Estates Park is a beautiful area to camp and very serene. You aren’t able to make it all of the way some of these hills with the bump unpaved and rock roads unless you have a 4X4. Luckily my friend who I was staying with in Denver did. We were really remote and I loved every minute of it! There was some animal scull left by the fire pit in our campsite. We still aren’t sure what animal it was form and it was a bit creepy. Even though we were remote we still somehow had internet service. This was great for anyone who works remote and needs an internet connection but still wants to get away during the work week.

Rock Mountain National Park

Visiting Rock Mountain National Park is like having a dream that you don’t want to wake up from. The mountains soaring above the ground whose peaks are covered with snow is stunning. The lush forestry surrounding you in every direction and untouched by human hands is magical. You can spend months here and still not touch the surface. You can camp, hike, climb a 14 footer, or just drive around.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is infamous for it’s ghosts sightings and for it behind haunted. The most famous room here is room 217 which is where the old housekeep was electrocuted but didn’t die. Ever since then the room is claimed to be haunted. This is the hotel which inspired Stephen King to write not only the Shinning but also Pet Cemetery. You can take a history tour of the Hotel or a Ghost tour. Do you know that Jim Carey stayed in room 217 when they were filming Dumb and Dumber? He stayed in the room for several minutes before running out and refusing to go back in there again. He never told anyone to this day what happened inside of 217.

Manitou Incline

The Manitou Incline has 2,744 steps. Yes, like literally steps that gain 2,000 feet of elevation in less than a mile. It’s extremely steep as well and you will use your hands for balance form time to time. Start this early in the day or late in the eveNing because the heat can add to altitude sickness. This is a very crowded peak for both tourists and athletes. Remember, you don’t have to reach the summit in order to try it! You can turn around at any time. The views will make up for the pain that you will feel in your tHighs later on in the day I promise!

Washington Park

Washington Park is a local park to Denver residents. It’s a beautiful park that offers an epic sunrise! You will find people running, walking, or even playing volleyball. Denver is an active community and this park reflects that. There is even a rose garden which you can walk through. The landscape is impeccable and transforms you to another place in time.

Red Rock Amphitheater

Red Rocks is one of the most famous amphitheaters in the entire world. When bands play here they sound phenomenal! The scenery is stunning as well! The rock formation around you as you even drive through a an archway to head to the theater. This is a must see even if there are no concerts happening!




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