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Kansas- No Place Like Home


After visiting Kansas I can understand why Dorothy didn’t want to leave home. It’s serene, quit, relaxing and unobtrusive. You can find the beauty and nature in a place like this if you just go a bit out of the city. Just like Oklahoma I thought there was a bunch of stuff to do in cities such as Topeka, Wichita and Lawrence.
Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve

This is an 11,000 acre national preserve. It has a Visitor’s Center and is protected by the parks department. There is a trail you can follow into a large pasture of roaming Bison. Because the easily marked and easy to follow you are able to do this on your own! If you go during the fall time like i did you will see the fall burn to your left. Keep your eyes peeled for Bison on the trail as well as some magnificent birds flying above you.

Black Dog BBQ/ Henry’s BBQ and Grill

This is a one of a kind place located in Topeka Kansas. You will enter through a historic Harley Davidson shop which is also an Evel Knievel Museum as well as a BBQ Joint! Talk about diversifying a location! The BBQ was delicious and you can just tell this is a family owned business. You should make this one of your stops if you are heading to Topeka.

Downtown Lawrence

If you are looking for a relaxing city near the water then Lawrence is your place! With locally owned stores and restaurants you can just spend half day walking up and down these streets and window shopping. I am posting a photo from one of the local Bridal Shops there which made me actually laugh out loud.

The Burger Stand

The Burger Stand in Lawrence is one of the best spots for locals to grab a beer and a burger! You order at the bar and then they call your name from a window in the back when it’s ready to be picked up. You can sit at the bar or at a booth. This place is pretty large and pretty busy all day everyday.




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