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Utopia in Utah


Utah is one of the most diverse and unique states in the entire United States. Nowhere else can compare to it’s landscape. Every road you drive or corner that you hike, you will see something new. It’s like you are visiting another world or another country. It’s absolutely amazing.


Moab is a must visit destination for any adventurer or nature lover. There is so much to do that no matter how long you stay you will need to come back again. I ended up camping at the Salt Flats Recreation area which many people go off roading in. They will ride in their jeeps or rucks or even 4×4’s up and down dunes to catch some epics views or sunset. It’s an amazing place to visit and stay.

Indian Creek

After getting into rock climbing I noticed that all of the big famous climbs have some sort of a crack.  Indian Creek known is known as crack climbing mecca to many climbers and I figured what way to learn it better! Going into this I didn’t have high hopes or aspirations to even make it off the ground. To learn to crack climb is very difficult since it is extremely counter intuitive. After looking at all the epic photos and videos of people climbing these near perfect splitter cracks I figured to give it a shot. It was much harder physically than I wax expecting. But by the end of it I was getting the technique down and was able to send Twin Cracks! I will suggest anyone that heads to Utah and the Moab area to give this climbing a try. It has endless crags and it’s part of Bear’s Ears National Monument

Indian Creek also offers some amazing history as well. As part of this Bear Ears National Monument it consists of very ancient hieroglyphics. This is why we must make sure we protect our lands because our lands show us history and are the way for our future. I am very glad that I was able to experience such history.

Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers are located not too far from Moab. It’s these gigantic rock formations that form in the shape of a tower. These towers are not only extremely popular for hikers who want to get a closer look to them but also for rock climbers. Ancient Art if one of the most popular rock formations and one of the most climbed towers in all of this area. It’s known for it’s very steep summit and a little walkway that you either walk or crawl over in order to send the summit. It’s very exposed and offers some amazing views of this area. The climb can be climbed as a free climb or an aid climb. Don’t be fools by this climb as it’s much harder then it looks! With ALOT of stemming and a long chimney just be prepared for what you are getting yourself into and make sure you bring enough water for the day. Start the approach at 5 am so you can make it to the tower for sunrise and I promise you that it will be an unforgettable view!

Arches National Park

Arches National Park if is one of my favorite National Parks and definitely my most favorite in Utah. Just driving through the park alone is unbelievable! The rock formations and arches are so different than anything else that I have seen before. It seemed unreal! Spend the time here and take some hikes. It’s the only way you will get close up to some of the arches. Sand Arch are beautiful and you were able to walk in the sand and in-between rock formations in order to reach it. It makes you feel very small and is very humbling.


Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is known for its desert landscapes. It’s also known for the famous photo of the roads winding in and out of the rock formations. It’s a beautiful sight to see and looks very surreal. Make sure you also pull into the different pull out spots to get those amazing views!


Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is not far from Zion National Park and gives visitors a million picturesque photos. It’s known for it’s crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations. There are a bunch of pullout locations where you are able to walk or hike for different views of these rock formations. Don’t forget to stop at Inspiration Point, Sunset Point and Sunrise point! 

Zion National Park

Zion is probably Utah’s most famous National Park. The crowds here proved that rumor to be true. It’s a bit different then the rest of the parks as there are large rock formations which as an amateur rock climber made me wish that I was able to climb them. They would protrude high into the sky with some intense hiking in order to get to these beautiful rock formations up close and personal.  Again my only regret is not staying longer. I would also suggest coming during the off season so you won’t have to fight the crowds to see it’s beauty!




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