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Georgia: Where to Explore!


Georgia is one of the most diverse states. You have islands off the coast, a huge city like Atlanta and then quaint historic cities such as Savannah. A couple hours drive in any direction will take you into a completed different setting. It’s a wonderful state to visit!


Historic District & River Street

Savannah is known for many things such as art, history and it’s beauty. Take a walk alongside the river and check out the restaurants and shops at inside it’s historic district. See what sets Savannah apart from other cities. Careful when you take a walk down the historic stairs. There are signs everywhere reminding you to be careful!

Telfair Museum of Art

The Telfair Museum of Art is one of the major museums in Savannah. It has several exhibits which you are able to to check out when you come here. You can’t come to Savannah and not check out art! Make sure you add this place to your stops.


The Owens–Thomas House & Slave Quarters

This house was built in 1819 and seems wonderful from the outside and the interior. However, once you start learning about it’s history and how slaves were kept and treating you are able to realize that this place the furtherest thing away from wonderful. Educate yourself and make a stop here. See how the wealthy treated their employees and slaves.


Savannah is a small historic town which is extremely walkable. There are tiny parks on every street. They are all perfectly landscaped with beautiful shrubbery and weeping willows. Make sure you take your time and just walk around and really take in the beauty of this city.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is roughly a 40 minute drive or less from Savannah. It’s a beautiful island that’s pretty quiet in the off season. I saw one of the most magical sunsets here ever. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle them head to Tybee Island. It’s the perfect escape from Savannah.

Georgia Aquarium

With more then 10 million gallons of water for underwater species to swim this is by far one of the best aquariums in the entire United States. It’s viewing platforms are huge and open and it makes it very easy to see with crowds. I felt like a child again walking around here and exploring. They even have whales!!! Not many places in the world have whales in an aquarium. So if you are keen on seeing some head over here. They even have dolphin and seal shows as part of their daily routines. It’s a beautiful place with more beautiful species.

MLK Birth House & MLK Memorial & Church

Atlanta has alot of history including some of Mr. Martin Luther King. You can visit the house he was born in. Then head to the church where he preached as a young child and where his father preached at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Lastly, you are able to see where he is laid to rest alongside his beautiful wife who lived nearly 30 years longer than him. Feel the influence that he made for African Americans in our history. As a leader of the civil rights movement he is not only an icon for his generation but an icon for our generation and also futures.

Civil Rights Museum

If you want to learn more about the Civil Rights movement throughout history then head over to this museum. Educate yourself with a world that you may not have lived through but affects you to this day. See how America known as one of the best countries in the world treated African American’s. Take a look at the people (both black and white) who helped make a difference and tried to stop segregation and hate. These brave men and women’s stories of how some fought and many died for the rights and freedom that we have today. You owe it to them to check out their stories.


The Universe of Coca Cola

The universe of Coca Cola takes you through the famous drink’s history. How it was made and where it is today. You are able to test different flavors from across the world in their taster room. Or if you are a fan of their iconic polar bear then wait in line to take a photo with him. Lastly, you are able to walk into the “vault room” where the famous original recipe is safely secured for years to come.

Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market is a famous little market that has lots of places to eat. It’s a cool little place where you are able to walk around, explore and even talk to your neighbors who you may be eating next to.




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