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Delaware- Where to Explore!


Delaware is a tiny state with beautiful beaches. Growing up in New Jersey I have driven through Delaware before but I haven’t never really explore it. So I thought what a better way to see what it has to offer than to drive up it’s coast line and stopping at some of it’s beaches.

Fenwick Island

Fenwick Island was the first island that I hit after coming from Maryland. It was just a few minutes from Ocean City and had a similar makeup. Plenty of places to eat and sleep and a boardwalk to walk.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is known as one of the best beaches to come to Delaware. There is a huge gated community where houses can go high in the millions. Make sure you find the main road where there as restaurants and shops. You are able to walk along the boardwalk from the beginning to the end. As you can see my photos below it was also quiet since it was the off season. It’s a great way to be able to explore an area without having to fight off the crowds. I was definitely a fan of Bethany Beach and would love to check it out again when it’s warmer.

Slaughter Beach

When I saw that there was a beach called Slaughter Beach I had to swing by. Mainly because I couldn’t believe the title of to and it seems like it would be an island that Dexter retired to. Due to the snow that the state just got I was unable to make it to the beach itself but did drive a bit alongside of it before turning around.




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