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Indiana- Where to Explore!


I didn’t spend too much time in Indiana due to weather and Christmas coming up. However, I did get to explore a few things and I do think that the places that I went to just touched the surface but also helps makeup the history of what makes Indiana so special.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indiana is famously known for it’s Indie 500 and speedways. It wouldn’t be a trip without stopping by the Motor Speedway. They had race cars from the early 1900’s all the way up to present times. It was unbelievable to see what these cars looked like close up. They also had awards, helmets, etc. It was a fantastic place to walk through and a must for anyone coming to Indiana.

Jackson 5 Childhood Home

I decided to drive to Gary Indiana to see the Jackson 5’s Childhood home. I read alot of mixed reviews about Gary before I went. After visiting the city I will say most of those reviews were true. It was like a bomb went off and just left the town as is and people live and work there. I really felt bad since I do think that it has lot of potential. I made it to the childhood home and snapped a few photos before heading out. You can see how small the house was and it must have been hard to raise a family of their size in this tiny place.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The Indiana Dues National Lakeshore is located not far from Gary Indiana. Since the National Park was closed due to the government shutdown alot of area were closed off. However, it was beautiful and you can see how lovely it would be to relax or hike in the spring or fall. Even though I didn’t get to enjoy it much I am definitely glad that I saw it.

Gatsby’s Pub & Grill

Although I can’t rave about the food at this place. I will say that this is definitely one of the local hangouts in Indianapolis. It’s located inside of a strip mall and comes off unassuming. However, once you walk inside you are bound to make friends with some locals!





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