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Rachael Jerahian, Lady with a Passport is a traveler, explorer, adventurer, and photographer currently completing 4 major travel expeditions. Following along with her adventures, and support her on her journey.
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Michigan- Where to Explore!


Great Lakes

I always wanted to see the Great Lakes but was very unsure if I should take the drive due to the weather. It was extremely cold and it was following alot of snow. I was¬†hoping that the roads weren’t icy. Since I would probably regret not going more than going I decided to try it. Thankfully, the roads were not bad at all and I was able to experience the very Northern part of Michigan. Everywhere I stopped by was stunning and the photos I took did not do the beauty justice. I can not wait to come back and explore this area when its warm. What a naturally beautiful landscape. This time mother nature left me breathless.


I absolutely loved Detroit! Of course had to drive down 8 mile and pretend I was Eminem when I got there. There is so much history and culture inside of this city. It has come a long way but it’s still being gentrified as we speak and which is why I liked it so much. It was real and old and amazing! Detroit is also the city where Motown was born. Going to the Motown Museum where Berry Gordy ran his business and learning about the artists, the music and he business itself was unbelievable. Berry Gordy allowed artists to be creative and to evolve on their own as he produced their natural talent and abilities.




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