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West Virginia- Where to Explore!

west virginia

I didn’t know much about West Virginia before I ended up visiting it. Luckily, I had a friend and colleague who invited me to stay with her. I can not imagine what I would have done if I haven’t had her there to show me around.

As I entered West Virginia I started to see mountains and I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the state looked. As I made my way to the New River Gorge and my friends house (which is adjacent to the National Park) I was completely in awe of it’s beauty. West Virginia may not be known as the go to state for outdoor activities but it should be. It’s beauty is one of a kind and this place is one of the America’s best kept secrets. West Virginia completely surprised me but in the best way possible!



New River Gorge National Park

Fayetteville, is home to many outdoor enthusiasts which include people who enjoy white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, deep water soloing, hiking, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities. It literally have everything you want and came imagine from an outdoor community. I was completely blown away with the landscape and felt so lucky that I was able to experience this beautiful place. Unlike other areas which are an outdoor enthusiasts dream this place remained affordable and off the grid except to those who know about it’s beauty.

Seneca Rocks

I heard about Seneca Rock since it’s a popular rock climbers place to climb. Since I had one beautiful day left before a winter storm were to blow in, I decided to take the drive. I kept hearing from locals in West Virginia how beautiful this drive was going to be. The entire drive was stunning! I was so glad that I took this drive and it was such a great way to really explore the state and see it’s landscape. Once I reached Seneca Rocks you were able to see certain rocks protruding out. It’s absolutely stunning!




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