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Five Reasons Why Wyoming Is Wonderful


Teton Village:

Teton Village is a tiny little town at the base of the Rendezvous Peak.  It’s  elevation is 6,377 feet above sea level. This village is basically it’s own town. It has restaurants, hotels, stores, gas stations and even a tram that takes you to a whopping 4,139 feet in just 12 minutes to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  From the summit you can see panoramic views of not only just he Teton Mountains but also of Jackson. It was the perfect place to stay and explore! I honestly think this may have been the most beautiful place I have ever stayed before. The village is STUNNING! 


Jackson is a wonderful town to explore. It’s filled with restaurants and shops and is even the gateway to the Teton National Park as well as Yosemite. It’s famous for it’s Town Square which features arched walkways decorated with antlers. In addition, it is wildly known not only domestically but also internationally for the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. It’s western theme and saddle bar stools has been a big hit amongst tourists and locals for years.

Teton National Park:

Teton National Park is jaw dropping beautiful. It features epic views of the Teton Mountain Range where you can see it’s mountains rising high into the sky. You can see even see it’s glaciers which have melted over time. As you drive down Highway 191 all the way from Jackson into the Tetons make sure you stop and take photos in each of the pull out spots. They over panoramic views of the mountains.

I remember when I was driving through Teton National Park and into Yosemite there was a heard of Buffalos. Literally right off the side of the road there had to be 100 of them. It was almost like you were on a safari but it wasn’t in Africa it was in the United States. It was mind blowing to see them out in the wild like that.

A must do for anyone heading to Teton National Park is to go to Jenny Lake. It’s a beautiful lake which has a waterfall and insane views of the mountains. You can take the park shuttle boat across the lake or hike the 7 + miles there and back. I would highly suggest taking the boat since you are able to see the mountains in such a different light. You are able to take a few hikes one you exit the boat and an easy one which is .5 miles is to the Hidden Falls. Everywhere you look is beautiful!

Yellowstone National Park:

Yellowstone National Park has to be one of the best National Parks in the entire United States. It is predominately in Wyoming but also touches areas of both Idaho and Montana. It’s famously known for it’s geysers, wildlife, lakes and mountains. The park is so big that there’s only so much you can see in such a short time. It’s filled with endless beauty with is so unique and which you just can’t stop wanting to explore.

Old Faithful has to be one of the most famous geysers worldwide. It’s name means something that you can rely on. It can erupt within 10 minutes of a schedule. It’s so predictable that thousands of people a year come to see this. Just watching it smoke and out of nowhere you see it erupt with hundreds of other people standing there in awe. It was quit a remarkable experience.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is also another famous spot to go to at Yellowstone. It’s north from Old Faithful and you will pull into the Midway Geyser Basin. It features several geysers before you make your way to the Grand Prismatic Spring. It’s known for it’s bright blue, yellow and orange colors. With it’s smoke rising above it’s an amazing site to see.

Fly Fishing The Snake River:

I have always wanted to go fly fishing ever since I was a kid. I think I probably watched A River Runs Through It one too many times as a child. I figured where better to fly fish then on the Snake River in Wyoming. We took a boat and floated 13 miles down the river as we fished from shore as well as the boat. I caught several cutthroat trout (named after the slits on their faces) and also lost a bunch. It’s was very different then the fishing that i have done in the past. You don’t actually feel the fish bite on the line so you have to keep you eyes peeled on the fly. The river was quiet and beautiful. It was so peaceful and clam and I just wished that it didn’t have to end. The day went by like lighting I couldn’t believe it was over. If anyone is looking for a wonderful day fly fishing in Wyoming I would highly suggest Reel Deal Anglers in Jackson Hole.




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