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Minnesota- Minneapolis A City of Love


When I got to Minnesota I headed straight to the city.  I spent all of my time in Minneapolis. It’s a city where streets were lined with lights already decorated for the holidays. People were friendly and welcoming wherever you went. The one thing that really stood out to me was the food. There was alot of diversity and everything I tasted was excellent. Minneapolis has it all. The city was filled with culture, art and music.

Paisley Park:

I am listing this as the first thing on the list. As visiting Prince’s home was beyond inspiring in every which way. I have been to Graceland and some other places before but there was something very different about this place. Prince renovated his home from a more corporate look to a more fun, lose and creative environment in the 90’s. From purple furniture, to doves it was beyond creative. I can’t even imagine designing the space. In the main hall when you walked in there were blue walls painted with clouds and birds below a glass roof. This was to show that the sky was the limit that nothing was there to hold you back. The walls in his house were not parallel and nothing was the same shape or size. He had several recording studios built inside his house as well. Many artists besides him also played there such as Aretha Franklin and Madonna. There was also a black light room where planets were painted on the walls. This was a room where Prince would often be and you would find him meditating within “the world”.  Prince’s ashes are also inside his home. It’s one of the only places that I have gone to that I felt truly inspired. He was so artistic and he though way outside the box and that showed not only through his music but also inside of his house.

Mall of America:

When people come to this city they also think of The Mall of America. I decided to come here early to beat any potential crowds which may come later on in the day. The mall was huge and had everything here. I think the selling point was children’s area. It was called Nickelodeon Universe and was definitely a great place for kids. You would see a parents just taking their children here fro the day. Form Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Spongebob Square Pants they covered all ages and all realms. They also have a a Lego Land and Crayola Store. For adults they had places to eat such as Dick’s to (which I went to in Dallas), Margaritaville. They even had escape rooms to clothing stores. I spent the entire day just walking around and exploring. There is a reason why this is the Mall of America and it lives up to his name.

Hen House Eatery:

This was a local downtown place which kept popping on on delicious lunch and brunch places. I decided to come and give it a try. I ordered their taco bowl which was delicious. I also ordered a super hot Bloody Mary where they even gave me a beer as a chaser since it was hot. Of course to me it was just perfect!! There was this piece of bacon which was part of the drink. It is to date the best piece of bacon I have ever had. It was coasted in a seasoning which also made it extremely crispy. It was like candy to me I couldn’t believe it. I asked if all their bacon was like his and if I could get a side to go. Unfortunately it wasn’t and no one has asked them before. But the sweet and amazing server figured out a way to give me a small container to go. I just wish there was a way of getting them ALL the time!

Eat Street Social:

I happened to randomly stumble upon this place when I was walking around the neighborhood. I was just expecting to pop in have a craft beer and pop out. But I looked around the food looked pretty good so I asked the Bartender what he thought I should get. He said the Sweet Potato Pie was the best thing that they have it’s his favorite. So I ordered it and boy am I glad I did. I think it may have been one of the best things that I have ever tasted before. It was root beer braised short rib, toasted with a marshmallow fluff. Everything melted in your mouth.




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