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Arkansas- Where to Eat-Sleep-Explore


Arkansas is a beautiful state that has mountains, lush greenery and a ton of history. It’s has a diverse landscape with friendly people makes it a wonderful state to visit. Make sure you leave some time to explore since there’s alot to do here!

Hot Springs:

Hot Springs Arkansas is a beautiful historic town which also has a National Park. It’s also the hometown of Bill Clinton. Makes sense why he was the Governor of Arkansas now right? You can take a walk along the main street and hop into local stores and shops. You can also take a short hike to watch tower through the National Park. No mater what you choose to do you will be relaxed and enjoy doing it.

Arlington Hotel:

This is set in Hot Springs National Park and was built in 1924. They kept most of the interior similar to the original. You will even use a large old fashion key to enter and exit your room. I actually ended up staying here during thanksgiving and the Hotel had a huge buffet for the holiday. It was absolutely wonderful and the food was delicious! Alot of times the food at hotels are not really up to par. However, this place was insanely good! Since I didn’t make reservations in advance they still found a way to seat me so I can enjoy the holiday. You can even walk out back of the hotel and enter one of the national park trails immediately. It’s definitely a one of a kind hotel and the place to stay if you find yourself in Hot Springs!

Rolando’s Restaurante:

I passed by Rolando’s restaurants as I taking a walk through the neighborhood. I wanted to try what Mexican food tasted like in Arkansas. Especially, now after Los Angeles and New York. This was probably the best Mexican food I have ever had. This place gets a million stars!!! The quality, quantity and presentation was out of this world. It’s one of those places that you wish you could go back to because you keep thinking about how good that it tasted. This place is exceptional and a must try for anyone visiting Hot Springs!

Hot Springs National Park:

Hot Springs National Park is located in Hot Springs. It is a quant little area that has easily marked walking trails. This is also the oldest National Park in the entire United States. It’s even 40 years older than Yellowstone National Park since it was established in 1832. It also has more than 47 Thermal Springs! It’s a beautiful place to visit and should be on everyone’s list. It’s a National Park often overlooked but it shouldn’t be.

Little Rock:

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It’s famous for the events that took place during the Civil Rights movement and it’s mountains. There’s alot to do in Little Rock and I only began to touch the surface.

Central High School:

Central High School is was one of the most expensive schools built during it’s time. It is historically famous for the little rock 9. The little rock 9 were a group of 9 brave African American students who were permitted to go to school during a time when integration was just beginning. What they had to endure during that time is almost unfathomable. There have a museum across the street as well as some of the original gas station from that era. You can’t come to Arkansas and not visit this place!




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