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Virginia- Where to Explore!


Virginia is a beautiful state which has a diverse landscape. It has a National Park, Mountains, and plenty of beaches. It’s a great place to live or work! It’s family friendly and also the home to a ton of politicians. Exploring all of Virginia could take generations but it’s worth trying!

Shenandoah National Park

Is one of the best National Parks in the United States. It has over 500 miles of trails! It also runs along  the Blue Ridge Mountains. You will have some spectacular view of the mountains from multiple areas of the park. Unfortunately, when I arrived it was during the government shut down and the roads were closed off. I was not able to get further then gate when you enter the park. It was a bit upsetting, however, I am still glad  that I went there and was able to see the beautiful skyline.

Virginia Beach

I have gone to Virginia Beach numerous times when I was younger. However, that has been nearly 10 years ago and I haven’t been back there since. My ex boyfriend was stationed near Virginia Beach so I use to make several trips a year to visit him. Since I went off season I practically had the beach to myself and not a sole was around. I had an ocean front view form a room that was high up and where I could straight to the ocean. I even saw a school of dolphins swimming! Usually you only see them in the summer but since I had nothing obstructing my view I was able to see a least 50 of them swimming. It was a miracle of nature!

Chincoteague Island

I decided to head to this small island near Maryland. It was beautiful and isolated. It had pockets that almost looked like swamps. There is also a NASA building which is located right before you get to the mainland. It’s a beautiful drive and I would highly recommend for anyone traveling to Virginia to head here.




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